Angela Hall

| June 26, 2014
Angela Hall, Zelienople PA

Angela Hall, Zelienople PA

What activities do you participate in? (swim, bike, run, hike, etc.)
Bike, run, swim (when I have to), and yoga

What is your occupation?
IT Internal Controls at US Steel

What was your favorite race in 2013?
Kinetic Tri in Virginia – The course is at a beautiful park and I get to visit all the historical areas that are close by.

What challenges have you faced this past year as an athlete and in staying healthy and fit?
Staying focused and making the time to exercise. Between having a toddler and a husband that trains a lot, we don’t have much free time.

Do you have any health issues that sometimes keep you from reaching your goals?
Asthma and allergies are my biggest issues at the moment, hoping allergy shots will fix both. I also have PCOS which makes focusing on an overall healthy lifestyle important.

What keeps you motivated as an athlete?
Being out with friends and family! Exercise has become a normal part of my routine. It helps too that my husband rarely misses a workout and will guilt me into doing mine.

What is the one food you can’t live without?
I cannot function without coffee.

What is your favorite race day nutrition food or supplement and why?
Before races, I will usually have a bagel, yogurt, and banana over a couple hours.  During races or long workouts I stick to simple sugary stuff – Gatorade, jelly beans, gummy bears, PB&J.

What is your favorite post workout food or drink?
I don’t eat after working out. I know, that is bad.

What was your greatest accomplishment from this past year in terms of training and racing?
Finishing 2 half-marathons so far this year and losing over 30 pounds through and Joella’s workouts.

What did you learn about yourself as an athlete this past year?
I learned the importance of staying focused. Not every day is great but just making sure I keep going.

What are your goals for 2014?
Complete a full marathon! I’m signed up for Richmond in November. I also want to keep focused on healthy eating and tracking calories.

If you could pick one athlete to talk to or workout with, who would it be and why?
No clue – I don’t follow any type of sports or pro athletes.

What is the one race you want to compete in more than anything?
MS150 was on my list for awhile and I completed that one is 2013. I’d say a marathon is new goal race but no one in particular.

How has Get Fit Families and the Dawn Crackers helped you in your athletic journey?
Everyone has given me the motivation and encouragement to keep going!

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