It Certainly was a Crazy Summer

| October 6, 2014

I know I’ve been missing this summer.  It certainly was a crazy summer.  It’s amazing how fast it goes by.  The summer was a whirlwind.  The beginning of June I got very sick with the worst stomach cramps I’ve ever experienced.  I ended up in the emergency room and sent home being told I had a stomach virus.  A week later I had my biggest race of the season.  The USAT Long Course National Championships in Grand Rapids, MI.  I was a nervous wreck.  Would I be ready after being so sick?
I have to be honest, I didn’t feel ready going into Grand Rapids.  My stomach was still bothering me and I was worried it would continue on race day.  The morning didn’t start out great.  I had to use the bathroom too many times leading up to the start of the race.  Thankfully Scott was there to keep me calm.   He was racing the sprint that day and had some time until his race started.   My swim went ok.  Not my best swim, but it was still ok.  The bike was where I knew I had to make up time if I had a chance of qualifying for Worlds.  So I went for it.  I rode harder than I ever have and with that, I was worried about my run.  Would I have enough left to run hard?
I got off the bike averaging over 21 MPH for 56 miles.  A new PR.  I was so excited.  Now I just had to run.  I ate my normal stuff on the bike a few vanilla Oreo’s, some gummy bears and chomps.  I had no idea that what I was putting in my body would result in me suffering through one of the toughest half IM runs I’ve ever had to go through.  My body rejected the food.  I had to stop 3 times on the run and when I wasn’t in the bathroom, I had to hold a fast pace on the run to try to hold my position in the race.  Nothing about it was easy.  Somehow I managed to still run a 2:03 half marathon.  I was 13th in my age group and earned my qualifying spot on Team USA again.  I will be heading to Motala, Sweden in 2015 to race in the Long Course World Championships on June 27.
So, what was wrong with my stomach?   Well, the issues continued for weeks after that race and into the Musselman Triathlon in July.  That was by far one of the worst races ever.  I was falling asleep on the bike, I was so tired, I felt sick and felt terrible through the entire race.  The only reason I finished was for my son Zachary.  I told him no matter what I would finish the race and I did.   The very next day I got a phone call from my doctor.  He told me my blood tests came back positive for Celiac Disease.  I was allergic to Gluten and Wheat.
Here’s the deal.  My husband is a Baker and makes the best cinnamon swirl bread around.  Seriously, it’s the best there is.   Telling my husband that I was a Celiac was not easy.  It changes a lot in our household.  Luckily Scott and Zac are being very supportive.
So, as I continue my blog segment, the next reason on the list of living with an autoimmune disease.  Expect the unexpected.  They always say, once you have an autoimmune disease, your chances of being diagnosed with another one increases.  I now have Lupus, Raynaud’s and Celiac.   I’m hoping it ends here.   Dealing with each one adds a new level to how I train, how I race and most of all, how I live my daily life.  As I continue my blog, I will talk more about going Gluten Free, managing your multiple autoimmune diseases and how the support of your family is your saving grace.
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