| July 28, 2014
Edie, GFF Youth Team

Edie, GFF Youth Team

Name:   Edie
Age:   11
Grade:  6th

Favorite part of a triathlon:  Swim, bike or Run and why? Swim– because I just really love it!

Favorite thing to eat before a big race: Something light – like a granola bar and water or Gatorade.

Have you raced at Nationals before?  If so, what advice can you give to those racing for the first time? No

What are you most excited about in attending Nationals this year?   Doing all three sports – swim, bike, run and trying to make the top 10!

What are you most nervous about?  Not that much — but I guess a little nervous about meeting my goal of making the top 10.

Anything else you would like to add? Thank you Joella for bringing me to Nationals!

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