Exercise and Lupus

When you’re first diagnosed with a disease such as Lupus, your world turns upside down. The things you did that came naturally are suddenly much tougher to do. You’re body always hurts, you’re always tired and you think you’ll never feel normal again.

As a person who had to personally overcome these issues, I believe I can help others in the same situation. At Get Fit Families, it’s our goal to help individuals who want to improve their quality of life while fighting diseases that make their lives more difficult than ever before.

Starting an exercise plan through Get Fit Families

  • You must first have permission from your PCP or Specialty Care physician.
  • You must start out slow
  • You must learn to know and understand your body
  • You must be able to identify when is the best time to exercise based on how you feel throughout the day.
  • You must learn that you’ll have good days and bad days
  • You can’t give up
  • You must set goals

The most important part about starting an exercise program after being diagnosed with Lupus or after going through a major surgery, recovering from cancer or dealing with any other major change in your life is to know your body, know your limits, have fun and don’t give up. If you start out slow and you listen to your body, you can eventually reach your goals and start living your life.

Importance and benefits of exercise and Lupus and other health issues.

  • You will get healthier
  • You will lose weight
  • You will improve your heart function
  • You will lower your sugar
  • You will increase your range of motion
  • You will improve joint movement
  • You will sleep better
  • You will improve your mood
  • You will be less depressed
  • You will learn to live your life again
  • You will learn your body and what your limits are
  • You will learn to set goals and you will reach those goals

What are you waiting for? Start taking control of your life again. Don’t let a disease or an illness control your life. Join the Get Fit Families team and let us help you change your life.