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| November 16, 2012

by Joella Baker (Newsletter 11/16/12)

You want to be a better swimmer, you want to get faster, but you just don’t know how to do it. Here are a few tips to get you started in swimming faster this winter.
Don’t over think it.

No one has a perfect swim stroke. Yes, it’s true that improved technique and better mechanics can make you faster, but in the end, you need to be comfortable in the water. If you spend all your time trying to make your stroke perfect, you’ll not only drive yourself crazy, but you won’t get much better, because ultimately, you have to just swim to get better.
Do longer main sets.

Long warm-ups and cool downs are all fine and good, but you need to swim some big main sets that are equal to your race distance or longer. If you’re training for an Olympic or a half your main sets should be somewhere around 2500 when you’re in your peak training phase. If you’re training for a full ironman your main sets should consist of a lot of 4000 yard sets. Remember, if you don’t practice the distance, you won’t make the distance. Completing 10 x 200’s or 8 x 500’s to keep it simple.

Use a band frequently.
The best swimming drill there is. Do short reps with lots of rest at first to build up endurance, improve propulsion and your body position. If you can get up to 100 or 200 yards straight swimming with a band, you’re well on your way to getting faster and more efficient in the water.

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