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| November 16, 2012

by Joella Baker (newsletter 11/16/12)

Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids during the winter? If you have access to a gym, or even your basement, you can do these fun drills with your kids to keep them active, allow them to have fun and stay in shape during the winter months.

Plyometric drills like skips and hops. Remember hopscotch? Alternate hopping on one foot and then on the other; try hopping back and forth across a line–a track works well for this drill as well. Add in short cones or obstacle, and ask the kids to hop over a series of cones or obstacles, even a piece of tape on the floor. Let the kids skip and have them reach for height or distance by driving up or forward with each step. These drills build strength in joints, tendons and muscles–thus improving speed and agility. Make the drills fun by setting up an obstacle course or by playing “Simon Says.”

Emphasize variety. Try different techniques, like asking the kids to walk on their toes or heels, sprinting backwards, and skipping sideway . As long as kids maintain good form during each drill and don’t over-exert themselves, experimenting with a variety of speed and agility drills makes training stimulating and fun for the mind and the body.

20-Yard Square Position four cones to make a square with 5-yard edges. Start at the back left cone of the square. Sprint 5 yards to the other cone on the left side of the square. Then shuffle 5 yards to the right to the next cone. Next, backpedal 5 yards to the other cone on the right side of the square. Finally, shuffle 5 yards to the left back to the starting cone. Do not cross or touch your feet while shuffling.

Keeping your kids fueled throughout the day.

Even if your mornings seem too hectic for breakfast, kids need that first meal of the day to boost their energy and help them focus at school. If your kids are grabbing pop tarts or granola bars as they head the door, they will be losing energy throughout the day. Your kids need to fuel properly each day so they have the energy to perform well. It’s certainly not easy. It can be tough to get kids to eat in the morning. However, if you show them by example or even give them the opportunity to help make their own breakfast, you might find them eating smarter and healthier.

Energy for the Morning’s Activities

Eating protein at breakfast gives your child the energy to remain focused until lunch, benefiting his or her school performance. Children who eat breakfast concentrate better, have better problem-solving skills and coordination, have fewer school absences, and are more creative and alert, according to Choose lean protein such as eggs, Canadian bacon, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese for an energy boost without unnecessary fats or sugar. We enjoy yogurt smoothies and fresh fruit in the morning. If you’re time-challenged in the morning, have your kids eat yogurt and fresh milk or make hard boiled eggs the night before as a quick and easy breakfast option.

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