Get Fit Kids

| June 26, 2014

Sports should be one of the most enjoyable and educational activities our children get to do. When kids participate in a triathlon, they will swim a short distance, bike a little and run. However, a triathlon is more than doing three things they love most (swim, bike, and run). The gift of participating in the sport allows a child to be immersed in a world that teaches life lessons, without them even knowing what they’re learning. The one thing they do know is they are having fun.

So, why should your kids participate in triathlons?

  • Develops motor skills
  • They learn sportsmanship.
  • They strengthen their skills by independently maneuvering the course and overcoming obstacles along the race route.
  • They learn to communicate while training and having fun with their friends.
  • It enhances self-esteem.
  • Athletes learn the benefits of working along others.
  • The accomplishments show them how much they gain by striving to achieve their goals and by working hard
  • It provides an opportunity for the family to support each other.
  • Everyone can complete a triathlon.

Kids get to….

  • Show mom and dad how FAST you are!!!!!
  • you can make a lot of GREAT friends!!!
  • You have bragging rights at school to tell your friends you did a triathlon!!!!
  • You can show and tell your finisher’s medal!
  • It’s a FANSTASTIC way to spend the summer!
  • You get to call yourself a triathlete!

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