| July 23, 2014
Hunter, GFF Youth Team

Hunter, GFF Youth Team

Name: Hunter
Age: 10 (competing against 11-year olds at Nationals)
Grade: 5
Favorite part: Run; Because my mom has run more than 40 marathons, and I want to run like her!

Favorite thing to eat: Walnut crusted salmon over rice.

Have you raced at Nationals before?  If so, what advice can you give to those racing for the first time? Yes, I’ve raced 2 years in a row. This will be my third year. My advice to other kids racing for the first time is: (1) On the swim –  Stay shallow when you jump in at the start; (2) On the bike –  Try to get out of transition as fast as you can; (3) On the run – Stay strong and sprint to the finish!

Most excited about this year: I’m excited about the level of competition because it pushes me beyond my usual level.

Most nervous about: I’m nervous about trying to beat the top competitors in my age group.

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