I Hate Prednisone

| January 17, 2015

I hate prednisone.  Since I had my most recent flare up, I was started on a 120 mg shot of steroids and now I’m on a taper.  I know prednisone can help so much, but I can’t help but think what damage it’s doing to other parts of my body.  So much doesn’t feel right when I’m on the high dose I’m on.  The worst is not being able to sleep.  I wake up at least 3 times a night covered in sweat.  I have to change my clothes, sleep on a towel because my sheets are wet.  It’s just miserable.  I take Advil PM or Nyquil ZZZZ to get myself to sleep at night, but some nights it doesn’t even help.  You wake up in the morning completely exhausted.


Just saw my blood tests.  Looks like my sugar is up.   Prednisone makes that worse.  I know that.  My blood pressure is really high.  That can also be a result of the prednisone.  It’s been a tough month.  I just don’t feel well, I don’t feel right and I have no idea if it’s the Lupus or all the medicine I’m on.


The bottom line is I’m frustrated.  When you have an autoimmune disease and you just don’t feel well and you have no idea why you’re getting sick, it’s frustrating.  I exercise a ton.  Yes, but I eat healthy and I feel I take better care of myself than the normal person does.  But somehow I still get sick.  It’s what God has handed to me.  Now I have to try and turn my illness into a positive for others.


I have to admit, I’ve been a wimp this round through.  I actually hate the way I’m acting.  I have to stop feeling sorry for myself and realize it could still be worse.  I have to start to just suck it up and stop complaining to everyone I see and just live my life.  There isn’t anything that is getting better because I whine or complain, so why am I doing it?


So I have 11 days until my angiogram and my goal is to try not to complain to every person I see.  I have to stay positive.  I have to enjoy these next 11 days as much as I can.  Get some miles in and some good training in before I’m off for 2 weeks.  It’s time for me to take charge.  So here we go, 11 days to do as much as I can and then a forced 2 weeks of rest and recovery and then back to training for Worlds and getting ready for all my big races and events coming up.


Thanks for reading and if you’re faced with challenges or an autoimmune disease that gets you down, as tough as it may be, stay positive and try to speak positive.  That’s my goal right now.  Positive thinking.


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