Is it an injury or your disease?

| November 11, 2013

For the past year, I’ve been dealing with a major hip issue. Everytime I run, my hip hurts. Not just a little pain, horrible pain. The pain affects the hip, paraformis, hamstring, IT band and even the lower back. I finally had therapy, and saw an ortho. I took 2 months off from running and finally had an MRI. The results, an SI Joint isuue. It’s out of balance, so I have to see my awesome chiropractor Ken Pennell to get adjusted.

I have to admit, I missed the last two weeks and the pain is bad again, so back to them this week. The funny thing about this whole ordeal, is when you research Lupus and SI joint, SI joint disfunction is quite common in people with Lupus. Therefore, it makes me wonder, is it my Lupus that started the hip problem or my running and running form. In addition to that, I continue to get pelvic pain. We aren’t sure if that’s a result of the SI joint or the ovarian cyst they also found on the MRI. Ovarian Cysts are also common in Lupus patients.

So, here is my question. If you’re an athlete who suffers from a disease that can have similar symptoms as an injury from exercise, when do you know which is the cause?
I’m really not sure we can know. Unfortunately, very few studies have been done on athletes who have Lupus. We are out there and we are doing amazing things. We are racing and training for triathlons. We are doing amazing things, but we still suffer from our symptoms.

Today, I finished a 16.5 mile trail race. It was my longest run since June and since my hip really started to bother me. I know I’ll be very sore tomorrow, but I’m anxious to see how my SI Joint symptoms are now that I’m on a prednisone taper for some other Lupus issues.

Again, if the prednisone makes my hip feel better, then is it a Lupus issue or a running injury. I wish I had the answer. I do know I’m allowed to run and I will continue to strengthen my SI joint and have therapy and chiropractic work on it while I can.


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