Joella Finished World Competition in France

| June 2, 2013
Hey Everyone! Sue, thanks for posting I was actually 4th out of the US Women in my age group. Last year I was the 2nd US Woman to finish in my age group, but this was not Spain. This course made the Vegas course 2 years ago seem not so bad. Aero bars were basically useless today. The duathlon start was crowded and fast. Somehow a black wire went across the road and tripped a bunch of women rioght in front of me. What a way to start the day. The run course was 5k up, 3k down and 2k rolling and flat. Most of the run was on dirt roads or gravel trails. The transition area was a mud pit. Bikes and our bike shoes were coved in mud. The bike course was simply insane with hills and then the huge climb and downhill, then more hills, but you’ll hear more about that when I officially write up the events of today. But add the hills to wind, sleet, hail, rain, wind and cold temps and you get a tough day. Of the 38 women who started in my division today, only 26 finished the race and every age group was like that. So many people never crossed the finish line. The conditions and the course were too tough. The second run was hard as well. Weather didn’t help on that, but again I got through it.

Every inch of my body hurt today. After Musselman, I’m taking some time off from racing to focus on family, coaching all of you and my race directing and Mighty Moraine Man. I found out today that my body hurts badly and today was so mental and I’m just exhausted. I’ll still train with you all, but I need a big break.

Thanks for all the support. I’m disappointed in how m body responded today, even though I know it was probably weather related, but I just wish I didn’t hurt so badly today. It was so frustrating in so many ways. I realized today I have nothing else to prove when it comes to racing. I’m ready to have fun and chill for a bit. I climbed a mountain from the Tour de France today in horrible conditions and lived to tell about it and finished the race when so many others didn’t. Not sure it counts for much but I’ll take it.

Thanks to everyone for your support in getting me to my last Team USA event for a while or may forever, we will see what the futire holds, but thank you! I wouldn’t have experienced this race if it weren’t for all of you. Thanks to Scott and My Mom’s and Zac. Scott helped toget me here and our Mom’s and Zac stood in the rain for over 9 hours today from when we arrived until we left. By the way, my official time 7:09:55.

More to come, I have so much to tell you about this race, but for now, I need some sleep. Good night my Dawn Cracker friends!


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