Kelly Morrone

| June 26, 2014
Kelly Morrone

Kelly Morrone

What activities do you participate in? (swim, bike, run, hike, etc.) I am not a very athletic person.  Never really played sports in school.  I started running when I was 38, took a learn to  swim class at 41 and started biking  last year.  If I only knew how much I would enjoy running, biking and swimming I would have started a long time ago.

What is your occupation? Attorney

What was your favorite race in 2013? The Mighty Moraine Man Half.  My first half.  I smiled the entire race!!!

What keeps you motivated as an endurance athlete? My training partners.  I couldn’t do this without them.

What is the one food you can’t live without? Swedish Fish and Ju Ju Bees – can’t choose between them.

What is your favorite race day nutrition supplement and why? I don’t like any of them but use Salt Sticks and Honey Stinger chews.  Most things upset my stomach but I seem to be able to handle these.

What is your favorite post workout food or drink? Chocolate milk or a Coke.

What was your greatest  accomplishment  from this past year in terms of training and racing? I am not a very competitive person.  But, I have the mindset that if you can do it, so can I,  just maybe not as well or as fast.  So my greatest accomplishment is finishing.  However, I must admit that placing in my age group in three of the four triathlons I did this year was a great feeling.   As far as my greatest accomplishment from training, that I was able to get in very long workouts and still make it to my kids sporting events and that I rode 1000 plus more miles on my bike this summer than I did last summer.   I am also prone to panic attacks when swimming in open water, so never letting my fear prevent me from continuing to go out there and swim is a battle I am so far winning.

What did you learn from racing this past year? That I am stronger than I thought, I can talk myself through a panic attack and spectators’ cheers will get you through anything.

What are your goals for 2014? My main goal is to run the New York City Marathon in November 2014.  I would like to do another half IM race and although I would really like to do a full IM  I don’t think that will be anytime next year.  Oh and I have this little thing called the Dopey I am doing .  😉

If you could pick one athlete to talk to or workout with, who would it be and why? Meb Keflezighi -unlike most professional athletes he ran the NYC marathon even though his training didn’t go as planned and even though he had to stop running at mile 19.3 he didn’t quit the race but walked and continued on knowing he had no chance of winning because he said he owed it to his team, his supporters and the people of Staten Island who had been through so much in the past year.

What is the one race you want to compete in more than anything? The New York City Marathon.  To me it is the Superbowl of marathons.

How has Get Fit Families and the Dawn Crackers helped you this past year? I would never have been able to do all of the races I did this year without so many who trained with me even when they weren’t training for anything or for what I was training for.   So many people took time out of their busy lives and away from their families to help me get through my long training days.  The training support, the friendship, the emotional support is just beyond words and I am so thankful for each and every person.  Doing the MMM and seeing a familiar smiling face at every turn and water station was just fantastic.  .

Anything else you would like to add? How thankful I am for the friends I have met through this group and all of the support from everyone.  And a special thanks to Joella who pushes me way harder than I would ever push myself and believes that I am capable of more than I think I am.  And of course to Gene, Riley and Michael who sacrifice so much so I can do what I love to do.

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