| July 22, 2014
Max, GFF Youth Team

Max, GFF Youth Team

Name:   Max
Age:   13
Grade:  8

Favorite part of a triathlon: Swim, Bike or Run, and Why? Swim – Because I swim competitively year round, and I am confident I will do well in that part of the the Tri.

Favorite thing to eat before a big race: Pasta

Have you raced at Nationals before? No

What are you most excited about in attending Nationals this year?    Seeing how I compare to other triathletes in my age group from different states and just being part of the National competition.

What are you most nervous about? The run  – Because it is my least favorite event of the three. And, making sure I have enough energy to finish strong.

Anything else you would like to add? It has forced me to work hard at something that is not easy to do.

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