Sometimes you never know who will call you.

| May 2, 2014

Sometimes you never know who will call you. Today I had an athlete contact me about my upcoming Sprint Triathlon on May 18. The Mighty Moraine Man Spring Sprint will be a new triathlon to the Pittsburgh area. Like the September race, this race will help raise awareness for people with autoimmune diseases and Lupus. Today the athlete who contacted me heard about the race from a friend. He called him up and said you have to check out this new race it is a promotion for autoimmune awareness. So, the guy called me. It just so happens, this guy is an amazing athlete. He has been for years, but he also suffers from two autoimmune diseases, one being Lupus. It was great to talk to someone else who is a high level athlete but has a lot of the same struggles I have.

I enjoyed hearing his story and how he has to mentally overcome a lot of the pain associated with these diseases. I know the feeling. The last couple weeks have been tough on me. I continue to blame my fatigue and joint pain on the rain. I believe it contributes to how I’m feeling, but I also know I’ve been training a lot and my body is simply tired. Would I be this tired if I didn’t have lupus. Would I be as exhausted? I can’t answer that. I train a lot and I don’t sleep enough, so it could be a result of both of those factors. However, knowing my body the way I do and talking to this new person today, I have to believe that if I didn’t have Lupus, I wouldn’t feel so terrible.

Each year I get more frustrated with the pain I have to live with. There are drugs I could take, things I could do that may make me feel better. However, I don’t want to take more medicine. I don’t want to change my life style. I want to keep training. I want to keep racing and I want to keep coaching and organizing races to promote the sports I love so much.

I’ve decided, I’d rather suffer through the pain of this disease than to change what I do. At least for now. I dread the day that I may not be able to continue to train at the level I’m at now. I dread the day when I’ll have to slow down because this disease won’t allow me to push through anymore.

I know the risks involved. I know at any point my body may just want me to stop, but until that day, I need to stay moving, I need to keep working with others and I need to keep fighting.


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