My Health Update

| February 25, 2015

It’s been 2 weeks since my angiogram and IV steroid infusions. Luckily the IV steroids worked. My body responded to them and my hand is almost back to normal. I’m still on prednisone and a bunch of other medicine, including blood pressure medicine and my normal plaquenal. Naproxyn and other medicine to keep things in check. Right now I’m actually waiting to see a hematologist. They will hopefully be able to give me more answers as to why this happened so maybe we can prevent it in the future.


Overall though, I’m feeling so much better. I’m back to training for Worlds and getting some great miles and training sessions in. It’s great to be with my friends again and working out.


A few things to remember, you never know when your disease might throw you for a loop. I was managing my Lupus very well, then bam, you get hit with something unexpected. I had that happen twice over the past year. In July when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and this December when I was hit with vasculitis.   Overall, compared to so many people, I’ve been very lucky. The things I’ve been hit with can be fixed and I have amazing doctors who are making sure I’m getting better.


I think if you get anything from my blog entries, it’s this.   Always expect the unexpected.   You never know when something crazy may happen to you. Autoimmune diseases are so unpredictable. You never know what might put your body into a down


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