Rev 3 Triathlon: Big Day for Get Fit Families

| October 10, 2012

by: Joella Baker (newsletter 9/10/12)

I know I will ramble a bit through this, but I’m still on cloud nine from the weekend and so proud of everyone! Enjoy the ride, it was Cedar Point after all. Coaches dream of their perfect race day, let alone race weekend. I certainly do and I have had a few, but none have been quite as perfect as this past weekend. The Get Fit Families Triathlon Team made me so proud. We set goals and hope the day brings out the best in our athletes.
This weekend my athletes truly shined. The weekend started with a bit of a let down for our youngsters and Angela Hall. Bad storms forced the race director to cancel the Sprint and Youth Triathlons. Instead, they would run a 5K for the Sprint Tri and a 1 mile race for the kids tri. Angela ran a great 5K that morning despite the bad rain and wind and huge puddles on the course and the kids all did great as well, with Marleah Schlick placing second in the 11 to 12 girls race with a time of 6:32 and Cameron Knally and Zachary Baker placing 1st and 13th in the 9 and 10 year old boys division. Cameron ran a 6:52 mile and Zachary ran an 8:09 mile. Our kids certainly shined through the gloomy weather.

An amazing day at Cedar Point with my Youth Tri Team topped off the day. The next morning started off a little nerve racking for me. I didn’t get to the start in time to see Judy, Traci, Jeff, Rick, Jason Brehm or Kenny start the swim. I knew they both would be ok, but I really would have liked to see them start. I was able to see Jason, Bob, Scott, Alice, Kristen and Jennifer start and get back in time to see the others, with the exception of Judy and Traci, exit the swim. The first goal I wanted to see achieved was Judy and Traci getting the 2.4 mile swim under 1:30 minutes. Done, they got out in 1:29. Next, to see Jason swim 30 minutes. He exited the water in 30:38 and 4th place in his age group. We were off to a good start. Everyone got out of the water in the times they were expecting. Rick, who couldn’t even swim last year, was 18 out of 73 in the swim. Not too bad!

The bike. For the half ironman group, we only got one update on the bike at mile 22. Prior to that, we knew Jason was in 3rd in his age group and pretty high overall. We were hoping for a solid bike. Well, at mile 22, we got word that he was 1st in his age group and 2nd overall and averaging 24 MPH. Alice also moved into 1st place for the Athena Women and was looking strong. Jeff was moving and was on target to break 5 hours and everyone else was on track for a great day. On to the run, after Jason came in, we quickly found out he was in the lead after mile 4. The overall lead. We were all so excited, but after mile 7, we wouldn’t get any more updates. We had to hope everything was going as planned. Jeff was still on schedule to break 5 hours and was holding a 7 min pace on the run. Rick was doing great for his first half Ironman. Judy and Traci were still doing great in the full Aqua velo and on pace to finish in the times we had set for them. Everyone else was running well and hitting their target paces. Alice was still in the lead for the Athena Women and things were going according to plan.

It seemed like we were waiting forever, then the 4th guy to finish was Jason, big smile on his face and knowing he won the race. It was fantastic. One of my best moments as a coach. We’ve worked for 3 years to get him to this point and he finally nailed it. What started out as a training race, ended up being a big win for him. He has three weeks until his next race, more great stuff to come. After that, it was time to wait on Jeff and Jason Brehm. We knew they would be close to breaking 5 hours. Jeff finished in 5:02, a PR. Amazing job! Jason finished in 5:05, another PR. Kenny and Rick weren’t too far behind, Kenny also had a PR and Rick finished in a 5:31 for his first 1/2 Ironman. We waited on Team Mojo (consisting of Matt Clark, Jenn Wohlgamuth and Ron Schmoll) The three of them had a blast and finished extremely well. Scott and Bob were the next one’s to come through with Alice not too far behind. Scott completed his first 1/2, Bob got a PR and Alice crushed her PR by 26 minutes and won the Athena group.

There wasn’t an athlete from our group who didn’t do an amazing job in the half. Shortly after, Traci finished the Aqua Velo with Judy not too far behind. They both followed it up with a 5 mile run. Judy is on her way to finishing her first Ironman in 40 days.

As I said, it was a perfect weekend, only to be topped off by Judy’s sister Deb completing her first Olympic Distance Race in New York and taking second in her age group. The good news just kept coming in over the weekend. Thanks to all the athletes who raced. Thanks for trusting in me to coach you and to allow me to be part of your goals and your dreams. It’s truly an honor to work with each and every one of you. I look forward to helping each of you reach your next goal.

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