Sue Moury

| June 26, 2014
Sue Moury, Cranberry PA

Sue Moury, Cranberry PA

What activities do you participate in? (swim, bike, run, hike, etc.)

I participate in running, biking, swimming and hiking. Running is my go-to activity.  I love to bike, and I am just starting to get comfortable enough in my biking to do some shorter solo rides.  I have the most trepidation about swimming.  Getting started is a long drawn-out process.  But once i get started, I am fine.  Just had the opportunity to swim in my favorite aquatic center in Calvert County, MD; 50 meters, 6 lanes, that is only half of the pool…… heaven!!!!  I haven’t hiked and backpacked in a very long time.  But I love it!

What was your favorite race in 2012 and 2013 so far?
I thoroughly enjoyed and loved Boston.  That being said, my experience at the Boston Marathon is tainted by the bombs on Boylston Street at the finish line and the guilt that I was able to finish and experienced no physical harm.   The city, the course, the weather; everything was perfect until about 2:50 that afternoon.  It was a PR race for me.  I feel like my success is something that will be difficult to replicate. I said that the Boston Marathon was a one and done experience for me.  But I believe that Boston 2014 will be an experience that I will want to be apart of after being there for 2013.

What is your profession?
My current profession is as a Special Education teacher at the Seneca Valley Senior High School.  I started the remedial reading program at the secondary campus that I teach.  I love the students, I HATE the paperwork that has become the focus of my specialty.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
Most of you would probably find it hard to believe that I was a geek and socially awkward in high school . . . .  or maybe some of you feel that nothing has changed.

What’s your favorite type of workout?
Mile repeats continue to be a favorite; anything that requires a sustained 10K-1/2 marathon race pace.

What is the toughest part about keeping up such a challenging training schedule?
Balancing my schedule with my family and work is the hardest part.  My own children have reached an age where they could have something to do every day and night.  It has become a priority that once a week we don’t have anything scheduled.  We all like down time; time that does not require us to be anywhere. This requires that we schedule and plan everything a month in advance.  Calendars, meals, and chores are all scheduled and adhered to vigilantly.  Every once in a while we fly by the seat of our pants; that never goes well!  As a rule of thumb, I am a planner

What’s you’re favorite, swimming, cycling or running?
As I stated above, running is my go-to activity.  It is my happy place.

What’s your greatest strength and weakness in the sport of running or triathlon?
My tenacity is my strength.  At the same time, my fear is my weakness.  It is because of my tenacity, that my fear never wins; just makes me anxious!!!

What are the greatest challenges of training in Western, PA?
Weather. This past winter was just down right brutal.

What did you learn from racing over the years?
Patience is key to success.  I have also learned not to take myself so seriously.  I am not going to the Olympics.  I’m not even going to the senior Olympics. So tailgating in the parking lot of the Sycamore Inn in Williamson, WV the night before a half marathon is a good idea.

What was your biggest racing accomplishment in 2012?
Qualifying for Boston in Erie with a PR, and then re-qualifying for Boston at Boston with a second PR were unimaginable for me.  So, doing that will probably not just be the biggest accomplishment of the past 12 months, but probably of my lifetime.

What are your goals for 2013 and 2014?
My friends have more faith in my ability than I do (or they are trying to kill me); I am slowly being coerced into registering for the Mighty Moraine Man Olympic distance Triathlon.  Beyond that, I am making plans to hopefully have another successful Boston Marathon run.

What advice would you give someone just getting into running or triathlon?
Be patient.  As long as you are trying and improving you are a success.  Talk to your family and friends; what did they do to day?  I work with 16-18 year old kids who huff and puff walking up the stairs.  That is my reality check when I am upset about a race.  Set a small goal and achieve it.  If you have never run before, a marathon should not be your first goal.  When I first started back to running after the birth of Samantha, I could not finish a mile run.  It took 2 1/2 years to get back into 5K shape.  That was 5 years ago.  Be patient!

What is the one race you want to compete in more than anything?
The Great Wall of China, the 2nd hardest marathon in the world.

Anything else you would like to add?
I say this all of the time, but I don’t know if anyone believes me; I owe all of my success to everyone else.  I can not possibly list all of the people who have helped make my athletic successes possible.  My girls and husband put up with a lot of tight scheduling to make my workouts happen.  My students have been a great source of support over the last year.  But all of you who have supported me as part of a running/Triathlon community have been my crutch in so many ways.  From run workouts with the group to long runs with a friend (or 2), from a luxury 4 day race focused weekend to a 2 night drunken group crawl, from light hearted moments to serious conversations, and from adult relationships to friendships for my own children; the group of people that we all refer to as the Dawn Crackers has buoyed my running during disappointments and grounded me after successes.  Thank you.


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