Swimming Tips

| June 26, 2013

by Joella Baker

Tip off season to improve your open water swim training, use the following drills to help you. Practice sighting during most swim workouts. Get some friends and practice swimming in a crowd. Find a friend you can draft off of to practice how to do the same thing in open water. Swim with a friend and practice passing one another in the pool so it’s easier in open water.

Try to make it harder. Want to build strength this winter in the pool, then tie your feet together and swim. Try it with and without a pull buoy. If you aren’t balanced in the water, then this will help you to get balanced. Try it and see how far you can get across the pool. Each workout try again until you can swim a set of 50’s with good form and efficiently.

Remember to breathe all the air out under water and continue to breathe out as you come up to breathe. Too many beginners start to breathe in too soon as they take a breath. This causes you to swallow water. If you breathe out as you bring your mouth out of the water, and then breathe in, you can stop yourself from swallowing water. Remember to breathe by your shoulder. Don’t look at the ceiling. You should look at the lane rope when you breathe so you don’t over rotate your body.

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