The New Hampshire Marathon

| October 16, 2012

by: Pastor Jim Gascoine newsletter 10/6/12

Those of you who never make it to afternoon run club may not know Pastor Jim. Jim is a long time runner and Dawn Cracker and recently participated in the New Hampshire Marathon. Here is his thoughts on the course if you’re ever interested in heading to a small race in a small town. Jim was 15 out of 48 in the 50-59 age group. Congratulations Jim!

The course is run around a beautiful lake in mid-state New Hampshire. One loop around the lake, plus a 7-mile out and back on a country road to get enough miles. So imagine running through rural New England in the autumn. Yep, lots of great views. However, the course had lots of hills, at least 1-2 grades each mile! Most were easy upgrades, short or not much of a grade; but at least 5 were moderate to hard, based on grade or length of the hill. But, the roads aren’t closed, so you are running with traffic still going by. That really wasn’t a problem as the roads were not heavily traveled, and the vehicles were very attentive of runners. Any spot where we had to turn or cross a road, there were plenty of volunteers controlling traffic. Trouble for me was the small size of the field (they start their half-marathon at mile 13.1, simultaneous with the marathon start, so you don’t see those runners at all). There were no pace groups, no clocks on the course, and I don’t run with any timing device. So I had to fall back on estimating my pace. With the small field, by the time we came to mile 6, the field was so spread out that I wasn’t running near anyone.

My “wish goal” was 4:30, but I was prepared for a 4:40, based on miles in training. Turns out I ran 4:18:37. I was going a lot faster than I thought. But, that is also why I am really sore, pressing the pace so much. It rained most of the time we were in NH – but not on the day of the race. It drizzled until the start of the run, then quit. Temps were 50-55, so great conditions. It is officially the New Hampshire Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10K at Newfound Lake (Bristol, NH). Website is

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