Time to pull out or buy a bike trainer

| November 16, 2012

by Joella Baker (newsletter 11/16/12)

You can get a great bike trainer from $125 up to $700. If you get a Computrainer, add another $1000 on to that price. You don’t have to go expensive to get a good workout in. Consider Size How much space do you have? Certain models aren’t easily tucked away in a closet. Others are more compact or fold for simple storage. Choose the right trainer for your space.

Yes, trainers can be loud, so expect there to be some noise. That means the TV or music will be louder too, so think of others in your house or building when purchasing and training.

Rec-Room Ride Essentials
1. Water Expect to drink more than you would outside.
2. Fans Keep your body (and your back tire) cool.
3. Rubber mat You’ll drip sweat, and your trainer might skid as you hammer.
4. Towel Drape it over the frame to protect it from moisture.
5. Phone book You can buy bike-specific risers to level the wheels, but the white pages work just as well.
6. Entertainment TV, iPod, training buddy.

Here’s a workout to try!

During the cold winter months we need still stay in cycling shape, so you need to get on the trainer and get some miles in. A fun workout to try that can get you through a couple hours without getting bored is spin-up’s.

Starting at a cadence of 90 to 100 RPM’s increase your cadence by 5 RPM’s every minute. So the first minute at 90, second minute at 95, and so on, all the way up to 120 RPM’s. Hold 120 for one minute, then back it off 5 RPM’s every minute until you get back to 90. Repeat as many times as you wish, or until your playlist or movie has come to an end. Each pyramid takes 13 minutes, so they make your training time go by quickly. They also simulate a fast workout on the road and develop great leg speed. For those of you with power-meters, you don’t need to do these at high watts. Shift down a few gears for the really high RPM segments because the idea is to work on leg speed and not power output. Try not to go over 230-240 watts on this workout. When Spring comes around and you hit the road, you will find you have great endurance and incredible leg speed. Have fun riding!

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