What Should I Wear at a Triathlon?

| February 26, 2012

By: Joella Baker (Newsletter 2/26/12)

As little as possible! Just joking. There are a lot of great triathlon suits out there, so take your pick. We do have team suits available for the Get Fit Families Triathlon Team. We can purchase extra small suits for the kids. But if you’re looking on the retail market, Nike has a new triathlon line out that is very nice. I train a great deal in their tri suits and I haven’t had any issues with chafing and I find them to be very comfortable.

Tyr has nice suits as well that come in various types of fabric. The carbon fabric is very expensive, but extremely comfortable and the fastest drying suit I’ve ever warn. Zoot also has a wonderful line of tri suits. Like the suits above, you can purchase these in one or two pieces. If you aren’t sure if you’re a one or two piece person, then you should try some various styles. I prefer the one pice suit personally. To me it’s more comfortable, especially in the swim. But some people like having the ease of a one piece suit in case of a bathroom stop. Others prefer two piece so their stomach can get some air while others prefer one piece so no one can see their stomach.

My best advice again is to try on different suits and different fabrics and see what’s most comfortable to you. You can of course always do a triathlon in your swim suit, but men must wear a shirt in any USAT sanctioned event, so don’t think you can go bare chested after you get out of the swim. You need to throw a top on. Women, you can simply wear your swim suit through the entire race if you choose.

As you can see there are a lot of options, but purchasing a tri suit will save you a lot of time in transition so you aren’t having to get dressed after the swim.

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